About a week out from launching our store, I was looking at the site as a whole, turned to my husband, and point blank said, “Ummmm. Sure are a lot of white babies, huh?” “What?”, he replied. “I haven’t seen a single minority modeling anything, besides the Asian dad rocking the hip/waist carrier”. “I didn’t notice,” he said. (Neither had I) I sat there, confused. How the hell did this happen? One at a time, as I'd find amazing products and add them to our store I simply did not notice, but once it was all in, I couldn’t help but notice, Where are the black kids? Where are the Hispanic kids? Where were any non-white kids whatsoever? As much as I’d love to take credit for all the lovely photography, most of it is provided to me from our supplier. And not a single one (of all 250 products in our store) deviated from blonde hair, blue eyed, white baby. Is this a thing that I've just never noticed?

I know the world right now is torn in half with all kinds of political issues, racial issues, gender issues, you name it issues, but surely kids are universal... like puppies, no? Doesn’t matter the breed, they’re all cute. I mean, yes, on a rare occasion I’ve seen an ugly baby lol, but as a whole…black, white, brown, purple, green, they’re adorable. I know this is a mom blog, where we talk about mom things and share funny memes, so I have no desire whatsoever to weave any politics into the mix, but I can not seem to let this go.

I'd like to think everything we sell would look great on any child, but here I sit with a store full of products on white babies, showing all these parents what these clothes look like…on white babies. I’m not entirely sure where I’m going with this. It’s just something I noticed that rubbed me the wrong way. I'm not suggesting that everything has to be 100% even across the board, but surely it should be representative of the population, no? Like at least a percentage of the clothes could be on kids with a different skin tone. I mean I can't just have Asian dad holding down the fort on the entire minority population. lol Even more, I don't know if this is common or not. I don't consciously pay attention to billboards and ads, so maybe this is the normal? 

"Why are you bringing up your white baby store, Kristen?" WELL, as many of you will start receiving your products in the coming weeks, please send me photos. For the love of God, send me photos. And if any of you live in Los Angeles and have a non blue eyed, blonde haired white kid, I would LOVE to trade a half hour of your time for a free outfit and quick photoshoot. Not everything is about race, and I'd never pretend like I'm some martyr on the front lines of the racial wars going on around the country, but what I can do is let some little black girl know what a cute dress would look like on her.



"Belly button is out, no stretch marks, no wedding ring. Don’t laugh but I read an article saying if you wear metal during the eclipse it could harm your baby and then immediately was like, “Well shit…I know that’s absurd, but obviously, I can’t wear metal on Monday now.” They got me, guys…they got me."

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